“I came, saw and…. bought “, – probably this statement very accurately describes the cooperation of both well-known companies in the Ukrainian market. Juka-Invest is a leading, reliable manufacturer of cooling and freezing equipment of the JUKA brand, as well as Tulchinmyaso, a modern enterprise representing the meat direction of the Premier Food Group. The company produces more than 100 items of sausages, frankfurters, smoked meats and other meat products under the brands “Mr.Grill”, “Tulchin” and “Meat Country”.

The determination to introduce new sales formats was a real explosion in retail. At the end of 2020, the companies presented a new product of the brand “Mr.Grill” in quite unusual equipment. Until now, upright cabinets were used exclusively for beverages, but the JUKA brand has created the conditions that are possible to use such models for the sale of food products such as meat semi-finished products with appropriate LED lighting – Food Fresh meat. This approach demonstrates the product for the buyer at the level of the so-called “golden shelf”, additionally attracts the decor that visualizes the product, and attracts the attention of the manufacturer’s brand.

Natalia KARYAKINA, Marketing Director of Tulchynmyaso, talks about mutually beneficial cooperation and demonstration of products in specially branded upright cabinets in retail chains. “Every year, the meat market shows growth of 2-3%. This category of products includes primarily cooked sausages, frankfurters and delicacies. It is important that more than 40% of sales go through the channel national and regional networks. The average increase in the market price is from 6 to 10%, depending on the product category, and this is primarily due to the increase in the price of raw stuff.


The main requirements for meat and sausage products are compliance with the temperature regime in the entire supply chain – from 2 to 4 ° C. Only if the temperature is maintained, meat and sausage products will preserve quality and safety throughout the shelf life.

Also an important role is played by the display area and selection on the shelf of the product – this allows you to draw the buyer’s attention to your product.

As in any product category, the buyer wants guarantees of quality and safety of products. Everyone wants to be sure that the products are not spoiled, stored in appropriate conditions. Of course, an important rule here is to comply with temperature regimes at all stages – from delivery to storage on the shelf. The merchandising of the product in the retail network or an additional point of sale draws the buyer’s attention to the product, and then the buyer pays attention to the expiration date, product grade, manufacture according to DSTU, manufacturer and price.

Unequivocally, branding of refrigerators allows you to highlight the product, quickly attract the attention of customers and as soon as possible to convey to him all the quality benefits of the product. Naturally, the more attractive the additional point of sale – the more buyers will pay attention to the product. In our experience, after placing refrigeration equipment in the outlet, sales increased by 70%, and the main flow of sales is going through additional equipment – branded cooling upright cabinets.

When choosing refrigeration equipment, we focused on the experience of working with manufacturers – JUKA is the most famous supplier of refrigeration equipment on the Ukrainian market, high-quality refrigerators with specialized options and design. Another important advantage for us was the possibility of branding and the optimal size of cooling upright cabinets for placement in networks. These factors have become important when choosing a manufacturer, a partner company.

Currently, Tulchinmyaso is preparing product presentations that will pleasantly surprise the buyer. And Juka-Invest already has new models of equipment that will allow manufacturers and retailers to realize their ambitions. We are waiting for new success stories! ”



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