Free warranty service   

The manufacturer guarantees the proper functioning of TM JUKA refrigeration equipment within the warranty period, which is set within 24 months from the date of sale (transfer) of the goods to the buyer. It’s have to be told, that the company demands buyer to observe the rules of operation of the Goods he buys. All TM JUKA products are complete with an instruction manual and a sales certificate, the presence of which gives reason to realizing the warranty by the manufacturer or an authorized person. When performing warranty repairs, the warranty period is extended for the duration of the goods in repair. If during the warranty period the product broke down due to the fault of the manufacturer and cannot be repaired, a similar one will replace such product. In order to determine the reasons for a product break down, it is necessary to provide:

  • Warranty card with seller’s mark;
  •  Fully manned product;
  • Payment confirmation document;
  • Authorized Service Center Engineer Conclusion.

The warranty period does not cover parts of TM JUKA that are easy to break and are considered consumable by factory standards: lamps, glass, plastic (handles, etc.) rubber, locks, castors. Warranty repairs may be denied in the cases specified in the TM JUKA equipment instruction manual.

Fee-based post-warranty support

After the warranty period has expired or in cases when the product is no more on warranty service list due to the customer’s vialations of the terms of use, service centers may continue providing maintenance of the production on a paid basis to keep it in the working condition.

Equipment staffing check

Equipment staffing check and check of an absence of mechanical defects of the equipment have to be carried out in the presence of the buyer while transmitting the goods. The buyer can appeal against the equipment staffing not later than during 1 working day after receiving the equipment.

Adjustment and connection 

Before connecting the product to electricity grid, it is necessary to read the Operation Manual carefully and follow the step-by-step instruction, which is indicated in the TM JUKA freezer instruction manual. Courier or freight forwarder should not make any adjustments/connections of the delivered equipment, but only has to carry out the equipment staffing check of the consumer and witness it.