Freezing cabinet ND75G

Freezing cabinet ND75G is a professional commercial refrigeration equipment designed for storing and selling of pre-refrigerated products at low, stable temperature. Spacious, comfortable and easy to operate. Ideal for grocery stores of various formats, cafes, bars, catering establishments. Often used in salesrooms, where a large number of products shall be place in small area. The case of the cabinet is solid, and the inner surface is made of plasticized metal. The cabinet is equipped with an electronic control unit that controls the set temperature mode and the function of automatic defrosting, four height-adjustable shelves, with polymer paint coating, as well as bright inner lighting, which draws the attention of customers to the products presented in it. The cabinet has four height adjustable legs for correct installation and operation. The cabinet has a backlit lightbox for additional advertising, and four height adjustable legs for the correct installation and operation.


  • grid shelves
  • stainless steel cabinet
  • branding of any complexity

* All goods are certified by UrkSEPRO system.
** JUKA-Invest Ltd has a right to make constructive changes in order to improve the characteristics of products without prior notice to the customer.

750 mm
820 mm
2035 mm
Net weight
154 kg
Technical details
Gross volume
590 dm³
Net volume
490 dm³
Ambient temperature range
Operating temperature
Climate class
Type of cooling
R404a / R452a / R290
1,06 t / 0,58 t / 0
Refrigerant quantity
0,27 kg / 0,27 kg / 0,12 kg
Voltage / frequency
220-240/50 V/HZ
Nominal current consumption
3,6 / 3,6 / 3,3 А
Current consumption is taken at 25°С
10,0 / 10,0 / 11,0 kW/24h
Temperature controller
Grid Shelf
4 pcs included in set
Максимальне навантаження на 1 поличку
25 kg
Max loading per 1 shelf
Insulation thickness
60 mm