Display freezer M18Q

Display freezer M18Q is an exclusive model for selling ice cream (gelato). Equipped with a low-emission ISO COMFORT double glass pane, which gives the model special uniqueness, provides increased product overview and eliminates the possibility of condensation on the glass. The inner cabinet of the equipment is made of food safe metal. The display freezer is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting.
The equipment operates in a system of static cold, which makes it possible not only to sell and exhibit products in the equipment, but also to store it after closing the outlet. The showcase is easy to operate, does not require additional maintenance due to the skin-condenser type.


  • branding of any complexity
  • cabinet body painting in individual colour

* All goods are certified by UrkSEPRO system.
** JUKA-Invest Ltd has a right to make constructive changes in order to improve the characteristics of products without prior notice to the customer.


1666 mm
906 mm
1248 mm
Net weight
135 kg
Technical details
Gross volume
844 dm³
Net volume
403 dm³
Ambient temperature range
Operating temperature
Climate class
R404a / R452a / R290
0,94 t / 0,51 t / 0,00 t
Refrigerant quantity
0,24 kg / 0,24 kg / 0,11 kg
Nominal current consumption
2,8 / 2,8 /2,9 A
Current consumption is taken at 25°С
7,6 / 7,6 / 7,0 kW/24h
Voltage / frequency
220-240/50 V/HZ
Temperature controller
Frame for ice-cream containers