Display freezer M600SL is an exclusive model for selling ice cream (gelato). Equipped with a curved glass and LED lighting. The peculiarity of this model is that it comes with stainless steel platforms, which makes it possible to conveniently place containers with ice cream. An important element of this model is also the glass superstructure, which in accordance with the requirements of sanitary services protects the open product from the influence of external factors. Taken together, the design of this equipment provides good visibility and product presentation. The frame is made of shock-resistant ABS plastics with protective PMMA layer. Wide plastics colour range allows you to choose the right equipment for the style of your outlet. This display freezer is energy-efficient and operates reliably at ambient temperatures up to +35°C.


  • bimetallic thermometer
  • electronic thermoregulator
  • branding of any complexity
  • cabinet body painting in individual colour

* All goods are certified by UrkSEPRO system.
** JUKA-Invest Ltd has a right to make constructive changes in order to improve the characteristics of products without prior notice to the customer.

1656 мм
661 мм
1318 мм
Маса морозильної скрині, нетто
89 кг
Technical details
Об'єм загальний
597 дм³
Об'єм корисний
458 дм³
Рекомендована температура навколишнього середовища
Діапазон робочих температур
Кліматичний клас
Напруга мережі живлення
220-240/50 V/HZ
Номінальна сила струму
2,0 А
Споживання електроенергії (при 25°C)
4,3 кВт/24 час
Регулятор температури
Кількість гастроємності
12 шт