Display freezer M1000V – an exclusive model of bonnet type. The peculiarity of this model is two separate compartments for simultaneous storage and sale of different types of frozen products – meat, fish, semi-finished products, ice cream, frozen berries and vegetables, etc. A special feature of the unit is a curved glass on both sides, which provides access to buyers from all sides. This allows you to individually approach the process of its placing in the trading floor. Suitable for stores of different formats. The large area for branding of the bonnet makes it aesthetically refined and stands it out among other equipment. The frame is made of shock-resistant ABS plastics with protective PMMA layer. Wide plastics colour range allows you to choose the right equipment for the style of your outlet. This display freezer is energy-efficient and operates reliably at ambient temperatures up to +35°C.


  • storage metal shelving
  • bimetallic thermometer
  • electronic thermoregulator
  • branding of any complexity
  • cabinet body painting in individual colour
  • protective bumpers on the cabinet of the unit

* All goods are certified by UrkSEPRO system.
** JUKA-Invest Ltd has a right to make constructive changes in order to improve the characteristics of products without prior notice to the customer.


2001 mm
1001 mm
982 mm
Net weight
145 kg
Technical details
Gross volume
1104 dm³
Net volume
774 dm³
Ambient temperature range
Operating temperature
Climate class
R404a / R452a / R290
1,29 t / 0,71 t / 0,00 t
Refrigerant quantity
0,33 kg / 0,33 kg / 0,15 kg
Voltage / frequency
220-240/50 V/HZ
Nominal current consumption
3,4 / 3,4 / 3,0 А
Current consumption is taken at 25°С
6,5 / 6,5 / 6,0 kW/24h
Temperature controller
Maximum load for 1 basket
15 kg