FDI E 90
FDI E 90

Refrigerated Corner Display FDI

Refrigerated Corner Display FDI is designed on the basis of FDI Refrigerated Display with the option to be assembled in line or the island line. FDI Refrigerated Displays are designed for presentation, sales, and storage of dairy, cheese, fish, meat and sausage products. The main feature of this model is a stylish design, which was developed following modern trends for stores of the middle and premium segment. The attractive design in combination with efficient use of workspace makes this model the best choice for every supermarket! This model has a dynamic type of air movement to ensure proper cooling of foodstuff. Front glass has additional airflow, side glasses are made of insulated glass. Exposition interior and back shelf are made of stainless steel. Corner Display, like a Refrigerated Display FDI, is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and with the system of lifting the front glass with a gas lift, which will greatly facilitate the process of maintenance.


  • Glass divider
  • Customer shelf
  • Remote cold option
  • Assembling in island
  • Additional LED lighting
  • Food Fresh Meat lighting
  • RAL powder coating of display body
  • Assembling without compressor unit
  • Back shelf made of textured stainless steel
  • Stepped layout made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • Individual decorative finishing option (AGT, MDF panels)

* * All goods are certified by UrkSEPRO system.
** JUKA-Invest Ltd has a right to make constructive changes in order to improve the characteristics of products without prior notice to the customer.


Length (without side panels panels)
2120 mm
1240 mm
1255 mm
Net weight
206 kg
Technical details
Display area
1,26 m²
Layout depth
900 mm
Type of air movement
Ambient temperature range
Climate class
Operating temperature t
R404a / R452a
1,76 t / 0,96 t
Refrigerant quantity
0,45 / 0,45 kg
Voltage / frequency
220-240/50 V/HZ
Temperature controller
Nominal current consumption
2,0 / 2,0 А
Current consumption is taken at 25°C
7,8 / 7,8 kW/24h