Wall-mounted vertical refrigerated display case (shelf) ADI125 – the most modern professional refrigeration equipment designed for the sale of food products with open access to goods, in self-service format, in grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Differ in the optimum area of an exposition, convenience of calculation. Spacious, comfortable and easy to maintain.
ADI is equipped with a heat-insulating roller shutter, which provides short-term storage of products after closing the outlet (at night). However, instead of a roller shutter, it is possible to equip a refrigerated slide with a hinged transparent glass door.
In the basic complete set the model is completed with 10 hinged shelves which are placed in 5 rows and can be established at an angle in two positions: 00 and/or 100 inclinations. Includes top and side LED lighting and front shelf limiter.

Optionally ADI125 can be equipped with:

  • Illumination of each shelf
  • Price tag holder
  • Side panel with polished stainless steel wall and / or mirror
  • From glass

Additionally provided:

  • Condensate evaporation
  • Installing a protective bumper
  • Layout in a line

When connected to a line, the following slide partitions are available:

  • Blank with a painted wall
  • Blank with polished stainless steel wall
  • Blank with a mirror and a painted wall
  • Plexiglas partitions

* All products are certified in the UkrSEPRO system.
** Yuka-Invest LLC has the right to make design changes in order to improve the characteristics of products without prior notice to the customer.

Length (without side panels panels)
1250 mm
Товщина двох бокових панелей
60 mm
900 mm
2085 mm
Вага пристінної вітрини без бічних панелей, нетто
320 kg
Вага комплекта стандартних глухих бічних панелей
50 kg
Вага комплекта глухих бічних панелей з дзеркалом
62 kg
Вага комплекта бічних панелей зі склом
90 kg
Technical details
Gross volume
1160 dm³
Net volume
930 dm³
Exposition area (5 rows of upper shelfs + 1 row of lower shelfs)
3,5 m²
Max loading per 1 shelf
40 kg
Ambient temperature range
Recommended humidity
<60 %
Operating temperature
Climate class
R404a / R452a
Refrigerant quantity
0,9 / 0,9 kg
3,56 / 1,93
Type of cooling
Voltage / frequency
220-240/50 V/HZ
Nominal current consumption
4,7 А
Current consumption is taken at 25°С
17,45 kWt/24h
Номінальна сила струму з дверцятами
4,5 А
Споживання електроенергії з дверцятами (при 25°C)
11,5 kWt/24h